Operating Ruddick/Wood takes amazing support from our community of friends, family and complete strangers.  We also couldn't do this without the awesome farmers, ranchers, winegrower/makers, and purveyors of the Willamette Valley; as well as our staff. 

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank you all for keeping us going. 

Farmers, Ranchers, Purveyors, Wineries, etc

Vibrant Valley Farm, Northwest Fresh Seafood, Gathering Together Farm, Groundwork Organics, DeNobles Farm, Sheridan Fruit Company, Sunshower Hill Farm, Ovum, Northwest Premier Meats, Big Table Farm, Coattails, Eisold-Smith, Mad Violets, Winters Farm, Payne Family Farm, Purple Hands, Harper Voit, Eat Oregon First/Laney Family Farms, Arterberry Maresh, Wolves & People, Nicky USA...

Kickstarter Supporters

Mat Elmore, Didem 'Didi' Orbay, Megan Moir, Kaliptus Ohm, Chad Colwell, Brandon Buerkle, Eric Funk, Lauren Castagno, Luisa Simone, Blair Cartwright, Meghan Hedley, and many more.


Chef de Cuisine: Joel Brown

Sous Chef: Nick Bell

Kitchen:  Hugo Juarez, Cody Drew, Amanda Fisher, Derek Brenden, Laura Masters, Noah Lawson, Seth Hicks, Steve Wytcherly, Megan Thomas

Floor & Bar: Nicola Breuer, Alex Blackmore, Kalena Bone, Candice Mahaney, Joseph Hampton, Danielle Tallman, Andrew Creighton, Carlos Block-Almazan, Bret Lowe, Sam Saxton, Jeremy Williams


Dina Avila, Connor Magee, Lehman Pekkola & Ryan Braden

Friends & Family

Too many to list.  You know who you are!